These are some of my favorite web sites, organizations and musicians. Each link has a reason for being listed here. Of course there are so many others and so many places to get information that I can't begin to scratch the surface of resources. Check them out...

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A ministry of Keith Lancaster - one of several acapella groups - AVB, Vocal Union, Sweet Deliverance, etc... These guys are awesome!

Black & White Studios - Karen Taylor Photography

Karen's took some of the recent promo shots available on the site. Her photographic skills are amazing!


Great site for answers to questions and teachings of our Church. Apologetics and inspirational information.

Catholic Exchange

A wonderful Catholic website that offers many wonderful resources such as Bible studies, daily readings, news and so many other things. Brought to us by people such as Jeff Cavins (Life on the Rock), Jim Aiken, and several other noteworthy Catholics.

Catholic Music Express

Hosted by Jim O'Meara - An hour long podcast featuring music and news. CME Jr. is a 5-7 minute long featurette about individual artists.

Catholic Relief Services

Saving Lives, Giving Hope, Helping Make the World a better place.

Catholic Rockers Podcast

This is the best Catholic Music (rock music) Podcast out there! George Leite does an amazing job bringing our music to the masses.

CD Baby

On-line CD distribution. All 3 CDs are available here.

Colgate 13

My favorite college acapella group. I had the privilege to lead this band of brothers during the 1993-94 school year. Great fun. You learn some pretty interesting things spending extended periods of time with 12 other guys in one vehicle. Click on "Crust" to link to the site for the old members like me :-)

Danielle Bean (Jen’s Favorite site)

Website of Danielle Bean - Catholic author, mother of 8.

Food For The Poor

Today people died in need of food and water. Why?


These guys are awesome - orchestral acapella!

Hope House (of Utica)

Established in 1992, Hope House served 74,939 nearly 75,000 meals in 2006. The hungry and homeless of the inner-city Utica area have come to rely upon at least one daily meal at Hope House. They have also provided countless hours of safe haven from the streets for the people who are their guests, many of whom feel that they come to Hope House to be with "Family".

Human Life International

Pro-Life Missionaries to the World. A wonderful International pro-life organization. God have mercy on those who do not know what they do...

John Michael Talbot

An amazing man of God, blessed in so many ways. His concerts are so peaceful and welcoming. I can only pray to be as blessed as he with such a sense of compassion and peace.

Life On The Rock / Backstage

Great outreach to young people throughout the world. We are the salt of the earth and the light of the world. This program offers some fresh perspectives on some "old" but great ways. Following this program on Thursday nights is Backstage (I recorded a show to be shown in early 2008).

Life Teen

I pray this program lasts forever. I've seen it in action and have had a chance to be a part of the band at a smaller LT in North Utica.

Matt Maher

Matt is probably the most prolific Contemporary Catholic songwriter out there. His music is absolutely amazing! Life Teen like crazy!

Michael Card

So many songs, so much to say! I love his music! Michael has such a wonderful gift for storytelling through music.

Nazareth Farm

Serving the poor of rural West Vriginia since 1972. During college, my beautiful wife was a volunteer and was changed by her experience. What a wonderful ministry.

Network for Good

Online donations for all sorts of non-profit charities. You can search, sort, and donate on-line.

Retrouvaille International - Helping to Heal and Renew Marriages

Retrouvaille is a program designed to heal, renew, support and stregthen marriages that are in crisis.

St Anthony’s Parish - Chadwicks

Our home parish in Chadwicks, New York.

Steven Curtis Chapman

Probably the most accomplished contemporary Christian artist performing today. This guy has his finger on the mainstream Christian music world. He's got heart of gold and a life full of love.

Syracuse Diocese

Our home diocese in beautiful upstate / central New York.

Take 6

In high school I heard "If We Ever" on a crummy radio that didn't get much in terms of reception. One night this song came on, and I was hooked to acapella music - especially these fantastic voices.

The Art of David Myers

The artwork created by this man of faith is tremendous and is so powerful...making beautiful music with his pencil and paper...

The Good News Foundation - Marriage and Family Center

This retreat center (run by my father-in-law) has programs that support and encourage our faith and build up strong families.

Top Catholic Songs

A site designed to promote, encourage and support Catholic musicians. Known for the regular Top 10 lists. This site is great and so helpful for our ministry.

Two Fish Illustraion and Design

Jake Souva is an amazing illustrator/designer who created an outstanding album package and website for me. They are exactly what I wanted and more!

United Catholic Video and Music Association (UCMVA)

This organization has awards for best song, artist, etc... for Catholic artists. Look out Grammy and Dove Awards... Maybe someday we'll get a nomination :-)

United States Conference of Catholic Bishops

The American Bishops conference to which our diocese belongs.

Worldwide Marriage Encounter

My Jenny and I had the wonderful opportunity to attend a Marriage Encounter weekend in Syracuse, NY. What a truly amazing gift that God has given us. This was probably one of the best things that has ever happened to us. We wish everyone could encounter each other on one of these weekends.

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