These are some of my favorite web sites, organizations and musicians. Each link has a reason for being listed here. Of course there are so many others and so many places to get information that I can't begin to scratch the surface of resources. Check them out...

Links of Faith

Special Charities

Catholic Relief Services

Saving Lives, Giving Hope, Helping Make the World a better place.

Food For The Poor

Today people died in need of food and water. Why?

Hope House (of Utica)

Established in 1992, Hope House served 74,939 nearly 75,000 meals in 2006. The hungry and homeless of the inner-city Utica area have come to rely upon at least one daily meal at Hope House. They have also provided countless hours of safe haven from the streets for the people who are their guests, many of whom feel that they come to Hope House to be with "Family".

Human Life International

Pro-Life Missionaries to the World. A wonderful International pro-life organization. God have mercy on those who do not know what they do...

Nazareth Farm

Serving the poor of rural West Vriginia since 1972. During college, my beautiful wife was a volunteer and was changed by her experience. What a wonderful ministry.

Network for Good

Online donations for all sorts of non-profit charities. You can search, sort, and donate on-line.

The Good News Foundation - Marriage and Family Center

This retreat center (run by my father-in-law) has programs that support and encourage our faith and build up strong families.

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