These are some of my favorite web sites, organizations and musicians. Each link has a reason for being listed here. Of course there are so many others and so many places to get information that I can't begin to scratch the surface of resources. Check them out...

Other Favorite Christian Artists


A ministry of Keith Lancaster - one of several acapella groups - AVB, Vocal Union, Sweet Deliverance, etc... These guys are awesome!


These guys are awesome - orchestral acapella!

Michael Card

So many songs, so much to say! I love his music! Michael has such a wonderful gift for storytelling through music.

Steven Curtis Chapman

Probably the most accomplished contemporary Christian artist performing today. This guy has his finger on the mainstream Christian music world. He's got heart of gold and a life full of love.

Take 6

In high school I heard "If We Ever" on a crummy radio that didn't get much in terms of reception. One night this song came on, and I was hooked to acapella music - especially these fantastic voices.

Sean Clive

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