These are some of my favorite web sites, organizations and musicians. Each link has a reason for being listed here. Of course there are so many others and so many places to get information that I can't begin to scratch the surface of resources. Check them out...

Links of Faith

Catholic Artists

John Michael Talbot

An amazing man of God, blessed in so many ways. His concerts are so peaceful and welcoming. I can only pray to be as blessed as he with such a sense of compassion and peace.

Matt Maher

Matt is probably the most prolific Contemporary Catholic songwriter out there. His music is absolutely amazing! Life Teen like crazy!

The Art of David Myers

The artwork created by this man of faith is tremendous and is so powerful...making beautiful music with his pencil and paper...

Top Catholic Songs

A site designed to promote, encourage and support Catholic musicians. Known for the regular Top 10 lists. This site is great and so helpful for our ministry.

Sean Clive

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