NCYC Theme Song - Called to Glory WINS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Dave Smith (my friend and producer), Nick Cardilino (my friend) and I (my self) recently submitted a song that we co-wrote to the National Catholic Youth Conference 2011 (NCYC 2011) committee (NFCYM).  The song is called “Called to Glory”.  AND, our song was chosen to be the theme song for the conference!!!!!

20,000 people, tons of Catholic teenagers, parents, friends, etc… will be decending on Indianapolis, IN in November 2011 for a three-day celebration of our faith. 

Nick and Dave wrote the theme song for the 2007 NCYC - “Discover The Way”.  People loved it and I hope they like this one as well, singing out with their whole hearts and voices. 

The Rock Anthem Version

(sung by Michael James Mette) -
Listen online -

The Liturgical (Mass) Version

(sung by Francesca LaRosa) -
Listen online -

We are excited to go to both New Orleans to introduce the song and to Indianapolis to hear the 20,000 people singing it! 

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Sean Clive

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