Kari’s Benefit

Many of you may already know that my little sister has breast cancer.  She found out just before Christmas 2013 and has been undergoing the full treatment since January 2014.  What a year it has been.  Unfortunately, due to a variety of circumstances, Kari is living in my Pop’s home with her two little ones.  She is making the best of the life she has to live as she recovers from chemotherapy and radiation treatment.  Kari is also preparing for her reconstructive surgery that will happen after her body heals from the radiation burns. 

Well, we’ve lived through this before, and now Kari is living through it.  We had a benefit for mom back then.  And we are having a benefit for Kari now.  Please consider coming to the benefit or supporting Kari in some way.  She can use all the prayers she can get. 

Please go to our benefit website http://seanclive.wix.com/karibenefit for information. 

Thank you for your support.


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