Goodbye Old Friend…

A good friend died on Wednesday February 10, 2010.  Gerard Faucheux (sounds like faux-shay) died in a senseless car accident with his Mom and Dad.  He was bringing them home from the doctor’s office.  Gerard leaves a loving wife and four children (10 - 21yo). 

Gerard was a fellow Catholic musician and was such a loving person, willing to share all he was with so many.  I am thankful for the conversations we had about music and faith and, of course, family.. 

As a dad and one who was left behind after my own mother died, I know the pain and anguish that the family must be experiencing.  I pray that God will grant them peace and hope in the days to come. 

I wrote a song recently that I think might sum up what I feel right now…

Goodbye, Old Friend

V1 – Goodbye, Old Friend.  Goodbye, Old Friend.
It seems so many years since we first met on the road to Heaven.
Goodbye, Old Friend

V2 - Goodbye, Old Friend.  Goodbye, Old Friend.
I’ve learned so much from you along the way to Heaven and I’m so thankful
For you, my Friend

Bridge - And when doubt and fear consumed me and I couldn’t find my voice.
Then your words they reassured me and helped me sing my song about heaven

V3 - Goodbye, Old Friend.  Goodbye, Old Friend
Until at last the road rises up to bring us home to Heaven…
‘Til then, my Friend
Goodbye, My Friend
God be with you, My Friend.
Goodbye, Old Friend.

© 2009, Sean & Jennifer Clive

Thanks to Gerard, the video below is online.  He recorded it and sent it to me.  He asked for nothing in return.  Now I give him my prayers.  May you rest in peace…

I WIll Carry You - Sean Clive - EWTN Backstage

Sean Clive | MySpace Music Videos

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Posted on 2.24.10 at 11:32 PM

I'm so sorry for your loss, Sean. I'll keep you all in my prayers.

Sean Clive

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