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I wanted to share the excitement that is slowly building (OK - not so slowly) around our house for the upcoming release of the new CD!  ”What I’ve Settled For” is nearly ready for birth (next week!), but it’s younger sibling, What I’ve Settled For, Junior (mp3 digital download version) is ready, right now, on  Before it will be available on iTunes or CDBaby or any other online store, the digital versions of the songs from the CD are available only here: Rocking Romans -  So download away, download for your friends, download for your family.  If you’ve never downloaded before, try it now for the first time now.  Don’t be nervous - it’s a piece of cake. OK, not cake, but maybe a pie or donut.

imageDownload and hear it first, before your family and friends and grandparents and second cousins.  You can even download the lyrics and some of the artwork available in the full CD version here: WISF Download Booklet -  This way, you can sing along and read some of the songs’ backgrounds like what their favorite foods are and their favorite movies, oh wait, I’m thinking something else…

Anyway, the songs are ready, the CD is almost here.  So listen up and down(load) yours today!

If you want a real copy of the real CD (those who have already ordered or sponsored - the CDs will be out SOON!), please feel free to order one using credit card via paypal below OR email me and we can work something out with checks via mail OR you can even wait until it is available online at CDBaby (though that may be a while...).

In the mean time, check out the videos below…

Many blessings,

AKA - Biddie’s Dad

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