This morning, as we began our morning prayer, I turned on some music by Great Big Sea (a celtic rock band from Newfoundland, Canada), in the hopes that little Brigid would be distracted by a bit of music and allow us to focus on our “Good morning, God” prayers. Of course, once the music started, her hands were up in the air, her body was spinning, her feet were pounding the floor and her smile was beaming. It was moments before Brigid realized she could see herself in the blank screen of the old television set. Once there, she was captivated and danced to the next couple songs with herself, keeping track of her reflection the whole time.

She has not quite reached the point of self-realization yet. Oh, she knows when she is hurt and will show us her boo-boo for the next 3 hours. But, she really doesn’t have any idea that she actually exists, and that the reflection in the mirror or TV screen is actually her image. It’s puzzling to her when we hold her up to the mirror and say “where’s Biddie, where’s dada?”. Of course she is in our arms and we are right next to her, holding her. We aren’t in the mirror.

We are right here. We aren’t in the mirror or the TV set. Neither is Jesus. His reflection is in the face of everyone we encounter. In fact, we are His reflection for others to see.

What kind of reflection are we? Are we the broken mirror where everything we see, say and do is broken with no unity of thought or intent, generous here and selfish there, kind here and mean-spirited there? Are we the fogged mirror, so unsure of what our purpose is that we don’t do anything, we don’t even seek the answers, so the reflection remains hazy or unseen? Are we the warped mirror that reflects the big nose of bigotry or the belly of hypocrisy? Or are we the crystal clear image of God, made in His likeness, amazed at the beauty of His creation and in awe of His unending love, dancing with abandon with those around us? When we look in the mirror, do we know that reality is on this side? Jesus is actually out here, with us, Emmanuel. Are we even looking, able to see the reflections or are we just “keeping on,” missing every opportunity to see the face and hand of God in everything?

Dance on, little one. Enjoy the moment…


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Sean Clive

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