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I just returned from Phoenix, AZ after attending the UCMVA’s Unity Awards (United Catholic Music and Video Association (  I was stopped at the airort security check in because they had to check my bag due to the odd shaped objects in that were contained.  When asked if there was anything sharp in there, I stated there were some awards from the previous night.  That’s right, awards with an “s”!  We were so excited to share this news and I wanted to send out a quick note to thank everyone who has supported our music ministry.  These are your awards too!  So congratulations to us all!

Anyway, the brief run down is as follows:

1. Album Packaging (design) of the year - Jacob Souva (
2. Producer of the Year - David C. Smith (
3. Songwriter of the Year - me and Dave
4. Pop / Contemporary Album of the Year - Amazed
5. Song of the Year - Amazed

We were nominated for a couple additional categories (Liturgical song, Male Vocalist, Devotional, Pop/Contemporary Song), but placed in the top 3 in 2 and didn’t make the final cut in 2 others.

But it was a great night!  I was so excited and thanked you all publicly (though not by name - I had 5-10 seconds to talk). 

We don’t do this for the recognition, but sometimes we need God to tell us we are doing the right thing and should continue on the road we are travelling.  I had questioned it recently - I guess God responds loudly sometimes :-)

I expect to get a newsletter together soon to share the news, pictures and the like with everyone, but for now, know that you are all in our prayers and we thank God for the blessing of so many people who enjoy our music.

Blessings, Peace and JOY,


PS - check out the CNS news brief ( and the Phoenix Diocesan Newspaper (

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Nancy Kneller
Posted on 10.10.07 at 12:23 PM

Congratulations! Sean & Jen, because I know in my heart it is Sean writing and singing but it is Jen's love, prayers and support that it all happens. Thank you for being a witness of Christ love. God's Peace, Nancy & Art

The Kossecki Family
Posted on 10.11.07 at 11:23 PM

Congrats! Amazed is a very appropriate name for your album indeed!! We all kept you in our prayers. It`s obvious that your efforts not only demonstrate His gifts in you, but also show His Glory. All the best to you and your family, much love from Canada!

Gail Lawton
Posted on 10.16.07 at 3:20 AM

We are all so very proud of you! Continue with your writing and singing and enjoy every minute. Wishing you and your beautiful family the best always.

Lawrence & DianeMarie Leach
Posted on 11.14.07 at 12:01 PM

we met at Indieheaven a couple of years ago, and we share the Same Producer, Dave Smith. We are so happy for you. You a a beautiful gift, Keep using your Talents for the Lord Jesus,

Lawrence & DianeMarie Leach
Posted on 11.14.07 at 12:07 PM

Sean you did wonderful work on this song Amazed, It sounds like a Song that should be on the Radio for all to hear, We can see why it was the Grand Prize winner for SongDoor 2006, A Finalist on the Great American SongContest, and a Winner at the Catholic UNITY AWARDS. We just wanted to say Congradultations on this Song, and Being the Grand Prize Winner of SongDoor 2006!

We hope God uses You and your gifts, to keep getting his message of Faith, Hope and Love out to the World, and more people see that they are his precious child.

Kristen Sellars and family
Posted on 12.05.07 at 8:37 AM

Sean and Jen,

Kristen was so thrilled and happy for you that you won all of those do have a beautiful voice and we love to listen to you in church! Kristen says she "can't believe she knows somebody famous like Maggie's Dad". Congrats from all the Sellars clan...and on your little one on the way!!! Debbie , Dave and Kristen Sellars

Sean Clive

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