A Vacation, Long Needed…

When the routine becomes too routine and what frustrates begins to get the best of you, it is time for a vacation.  Well, once again, we were able to spend some time in the Adirondack High Peak region.  Sometimes you can see, feel, hear, smell and touch the beauty of nature that God has made.  Below are some of the pictures we took from our trip.  These along with our memories of a wonderful week will remain with us until we have another opportunity to visit again.  Of course, we don’t know when that will be with #6 on his way, but we can always hope for an annual return. 

The weather was amazing.  The beauty and majesty of these old hills speaks to us of both the fleeting moment we each have here, but also the timelessness of God’s love and gift of this world.  So few of us can see through our worries and concerns to the quiet power of the natural world.  That is why we, as Jesus did, must take some time apart so that we can be revived.  It is this time, whether it is a few moments each morning or a whole week away from everything that bothers us, that God can truly speak to us. 

Thank you, God for this amazing gift.

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