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September, 2006

On September 18th, 2006 Sean wrote "Lemonade and CombosĀ® Saved Our Lives"

Jen and the girls were in the Welcome Hall. I was in the vestibule of the church in Pittsburgh, PA, having just stood up as “best man” at the wedding of my best friend from high school. Brigid had been a handful, and Jen, in her frustration, easily would have waited for me outside despite the rain. But, the rain had started…

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On September 6th, 2006 Sean wrote "Kindergarten Orientation"

So, #2 is on her way… the beginning of the next era of our lives. Mag was very excited about this day in a different way than her big sister. Em had to fill us in with every detail of her experience, all that she remembered, all that she thought. Mag, she likes to keep it in and “ponder it all in her heart.” She was funny…

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