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February, 2003

On February 23rd, 2003 Sean wrote "Jesus the Gift"

How much do we actually know about Jesus’ life? In two of the Gospels (Luke and Matthew), we read the stories of the birth of Jesus in detail. Then we have tiny bit about Jesus’ family finding him in the temple after frantically searching for him (imagine their heartache and relief). Then, all of a sudden, He is fully-grown,…

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On February 22nd, 2003 Sean wrote "Touching God"

During the summer, we were blessed with an opportunity to visit one of our favorite places, Lake Placid, NY. Not very far from home, but just far enough to notice the “different” air of the Adirondack Mountains and get some needed rest (can you say 7AM wake up instead of 5AM?).

One morning, we decided to get out early…

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