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Tuning Up 2002

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My first recording was "Tuning Up". The album contains some of my original songs as well as some traditional and contemporary Christian and Catholic hymns / songs. I tried to maintain the intent of the songs' authors while adding some of my own interpretation. The sound is acoustic with a variety of styles that I hope will be pleasing to both the ear and heart. Many of the songs are reflective and focus on the hope that we have in our God. Several of the songs are used during the Living Stations of the Cross production that the High School Religious Education classes and choir perform each year before Easter at St. Anthony's. The performance uses The Way of the Cross text with still life actors for each Station. Music is interspersed throughout and includes some very moving songs. The ones I included on this recording are my favorites. I really hope the songs will speak to the heart of the hurting, giving them hope in the Resurrection of their loved one(s) and the expectation that we will all meet again in His presence.

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Sean Clive

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