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These songs are available now for download on iTunes (singles 2007). Joy To The World is the traditional Christmas song with a fun contemporary feel. It was released on the Catholic Christmas compilation CD. My #3 daughter tells me it's her singing with me :-) Of course, it is the amazing Teresa Smith! The Everlasting was released on the Catholic Music 2008 compilation CD. It was written by Dave Smith and me in a few hours. It is based on Psalm 90. This one won the Christian Category in the 2007 SongDoor International Songwriting Competition! It Takes a Little Rain was originally released on the CD Tuning Up. Since so many of the songs were covers, I couldn't make the whole CD available for download. This song was written way back in 2002 with my mom as the inspiration. She died of breast cancer in 1997. You can hear her voice (from a 1995 interview) speaking about death and "new life."

Sean Clive

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